Do you believe in survival of the fittest?
The strong people survive and the weak perish. After an ordeal we say that the strong have survived and the weak have perished but before the calamity, both the now strong and weak were same from an external vantage point. Just because someone survived a trial does not necessarily mean he is strong, he may have the devil’s luck! Some even say luck is a type of strength.
Actually the statement strong survive and the weak perish is actually true but its general interpretation is wrong.  Some of us not confident is our own strength might feel discouraged but it is not the strong that survive, it’s the survivor’s who are strong this is the correct interpretation of the above statement.
To survive is not exactly a positive statement, in fact it is just to be alive. You may be broken after a trial but as long as you survive you will get stronger. Strong people are not strong because they have skill, technique,knowledge, power or money they are strong because they have just survived a large number of trials.

Moral – As long as you survive you are strong. No matter how unsightly you may be but surviving is strength.